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Honeywell S87D1004 DSI Ignition Module

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Product Description

The S87 is a low voltage solid state direct spark ignition control module for gas-fired furnaces boilers and heating appliances. Models are available with or without a prepurge timer. The S87 controls the gas valve monitors the main burner flame and generates a high voltage for spark ignition. The S87D uses a separate electrodes for spark ignition and flame sensing. Use with any gas control designed for DSI application that is rated at 2.0A or less. FEATURES External replaceable fuse protects system transformer and temperature controller Automatic system lockout after trial-for-ignition if malfunction exists or main burner flame fails to ignite Compact solid state components for accurate long-lasting performance Convenient remote start procedure after safety shutdown control module can be reset from the remperature controller Low voltage control circuit reduces wiring costs Uses flame rectification principle to prove presence of main burner flame false flame signal resulting from short to ground results in safety shutdown

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